Johnson County Justice Center

Don’t be distracted; vote ‘yes’

[Source: “Don’t be distracted; vote ‘yes’,” Press Citizen, 17 April 2013, by Lonny Pulkrabek]

Please don’t let distractions and unrelated reasons stop you from getting out and supporting the justice center. The justice center is much more than just extra jail space. In fact, the jail portion of the proposal is only 34 percent of the entire project.

The justice center is about creating a safe and secure environment for our jurors, witnesses, victims and students who come to watch the proceedings for class. It is about making our services more accessible for those with disabilities. It is about creating safe work environments for the employees. It is about creating space to help speed up the legal process for those that need to litigate or mediate issues.

You can vote early right now at the Johnson County auditor’s office.

I’ll be voting “yes” on May 7.

Lonny Pulkrabek

Iowa City

* * *

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