Johnson County Justice Center

Justice center first, then other issues

[Source: “Justice center first, then other issues,” Press Citizen, 29 April 2013, by Katy Hansen]

It is not a good idea to hold a new justice center hostage to a whole series of other issues such as incarceration rates, racial disparity and violation of rights.

The solutions to space problems are not the same as the solutions to the other issues, and the people we need for each can vary from one to the other.

We risk not solving any of our problems. One is held hostage to one and then another to something else.

I suggest we deal with each one by themselves. Let us vote on the justice center on its merits alone.

Then let us bring up the solutions to each of the other issues and deal with them one by one with the people and the possible solutions for each in turn.

Katy Hansen

Iowa City

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