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#ThankYouIowaCity Campaign



The #ThankYouIowaCity campaign is a collaboration between the Iowa City Police Department and the Iowa City Downtown District. The purpose of the campagn is to show appreciation for some of the small but great things people do to make our downtown such a great place. The appreciation comes in the form of a small card that entitles the recipient to one of a number of free products that are listed on the back. Many downtown businesses are sponsoring the campaign by donating the items. The basic concept was explained to Sculpt, an Iowa City social media agency, who agreed to assist with the concept and design work. The idea of using #ThankYouIowaCity was developed as a way for recipients to spread the word of the campaign via social media.


A recipient can redeem the card at one of the following:

*the #ThankYouIowaCity card must be taken to the Iowa City Transportation Services office at 335 Iowa Avenue where it may be exchanged for the bus passes or a card for the parking


For questions, or if you would like to be part of the campaign, contact Officer David Schwindt at david-schwindt@iowa-city.orgor 319-325-8139.

News Coverage

Iowa City Police Officer David Schwindt prepares to depart on patrol Saturday, Oct. 18, the first day of the #ThankYouIowaCity campaign to recognize small things. (Photo: Paul Deaton / For the Press-Citizen )

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