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Emily Guenther: Earning College Credit in Prison

Emily Guenther gives a presentation about the Credit-bearing First Year of College Program at Newton Correctional Facility in Newton, IA. This presentation was delivered on 6 September 2014 at the Incarcerated in Iowa Symposium.

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Emily Guenther, Grinnell College, Liberal Arts in Prison Program

Emily Guenther has directed the Liberal Arts in Prison Program at Grinnell College for the last six years. Hailing from small-town Wisconsin, she first came to Iowa in 2003 to attend Grinnell College.

She volunteered at the Newton Correctional Facility while she was a Grinnell student, and after she graduated, she became the first full-time staff person for the Liberal Arts in Prison Program.

Over the last six years, she has developed a college program at the Newton Correctional Facility where incarcerated men can earn a full year’s worth of Grinnell College credit. The courses are taught by Grinnell College faculty and are equivalent to courses Grinnell students take on Grinnell’s campus. [More…]

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