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Over the past few months, we’ve had many requests to conduct an online poll or survey. So, this is a first effort at such a survey. This survey and this website are non-government initiatives independently managed by volunteer residents of Johnson County. Please visit the Johnson County administration website for information about the official county government public forums.

Purpose of this Survey

The purpose of this survey is to explore what county residents might support in the future prior to conducting a formal vote. For example, it may be that residents would fully support a renovation of the courthouse, but not an expansion. Or, it may be that residents would support a new jail, but only one of the same capacity as our existing jail. We won’t know unless we ask. This survey is not an attempt to push the old (defeated) proposals through again. It’s an effort to come up with a proposal that reflects collective community views and opinions. What would such a proposal (justice center) look like? That’s what this survey hopes to explore.

About The Survey

The survey below is an attempt to aggregate public opinion about the previous Justice Center proposals and why they did not achieve the super majority needed to be approved. This might provide insights about what county residents want in a justice center. Please choose as many answers as apply, and write in your own response if needed. We’re using this survey as an inexpensive and simple information gathering tool and not considering it a scientific measure of public opinion. For this reason, you may see additional options added (from those people write in). Future versions of this survey will be shaped by feedback about this one. Contact us if you feel any additional questions or answers should be included. Thanks!

Insights into what people want.

Insights into what people don’t want.

Additional Feedback

Please provide additional feedback below. When you click Submit, you’ll return to this page with a confirmation note here at the bottom of the page.

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