Justice Center News for August 2013

20100104tu-gregory-johnson-by-makur-jain-IMG_1164-300x19915 August 2013

An open letter from Greg Johnson


I hope you’ve had a wonderful summer. Those of you who frequent the website and Facebook page know that I took some time off these past two months to work on other projects, including providing assistance to local organizations engaged in justice equity related issues.

Please take a moment to complete the Online Justice Center Survey. Your input is critical. In addition, the Johnson County Board of Supervisors is holding public forums (listening posts) to gather public feedback. Please attend those meetings if you’re able. (Learn more.)

Here are some points I’d like to share as we reflect on this past year and look to the months ahead.

  • Website Upgraded. A year has passed since our site was first launched, so in the process of renewing the domain registration I decided to also upgrade the site to a completely new design that is more professional and attractive. The magazine format is more suited to the new focus of our website. Over the past few days I put a lot of time into the redesign work. I hope you enjoy it.
  • Community Partners. A high point this summer for me was to attend the July 1 celebration of community partners, sponsored by the Johnson County Board of Supervisors. Take a look at the full Community Partners Report. I’m sure you’ll be inspired.
  • Looking Ahead. I’m looking forward to returning to my work with the website and Facebook page as a virtual online justice center. My hope is that some day Johnson County will have a facility where a wide-range of justice services could be offered. What such a facility will look like, and where it will be located, is up to community.
  • What is a Justice Center? Please take a moment to visit the About Page to see the diagram showing how multifaceted a justice center can (and should) be.
  • County Holds Public Forums. As mentioned above, the Board of Supervisors are holding public forums during the month of August. Please try to attend one of the meetings if you’re able. Your comments and feedback are essential.

I want to thank everyone who continues to support the virtual online Justice Center for Johnson County. I continue to be appreciative and grateful for those who had voted no, yet are supporting the idea that we should all look for inclusive ways to collaboratively work together in finding solutions to the challenges facing our community.

Greg Johnson
Volunteer and Facilitator


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