This page explains more about how we currently use advertising which at this point is limited to Facebook promotions.

Why Advertise

When an announcement or story is posted to our Facebook page, approximately 20% to 30% of those subscribed to the page will actually see it. This is because the post will appear on their Facebook Home timeline only momentarily as it scrolls by with news posts from friends and other organizations. Since most people aren’t following their Facebook news feed all day long, it’s likely that 75% of a page’s subscribers will miss out on news and posts. To reach the entire group, advertising can be used.

How it Works

Anyone with a Facebook account can advertise. Simply go to the Facebook Advertising page to get started. Advertising can point to an external website or, if you are an administrator for a page, you can boost (advertise) posts on that page. You can also promote the page itself. Once a page has enough followers, additional features and tools become available. Custom ads are created through the Facebook Advertising center. For a simpler experience, one can use the Boost button found under posts on the Facebook page and bypass the Advertising center. However, the Boost feature provides less control.

Who is Advertised To

The Boost option for advertising will create an advertising campaign designed to reach those most likely to be interested in the topic of a post and these are typically viewed by people signed up for a page. In the Facebook Advertising Center, it’s possible to specifically designate and narrow down who will see the ad. Selecting “everyone within 25 miles of Iowa City who has clicked like on my page” will narrow down the audience for an ad. This makes advertising more economical. Those seeking to build a large number of followers will need to throw out a larger net which is more costly. It’s best to work with organic, slow, genuine involvement and engagement of page followers.

What’s the Cost

The cost to reach groups who have special interests is relatively small. For example, a few dollars can reach several thousand people with an ad. The quality of the ad, and the person’s interest in it will determine whether they click on it.

Who Pays

Because the cost is usually just a few dollars to promote a post, there need not be a huge amount of money spent. All ads for postings on the Johnson County Justice Center page are currently being paid by Greg Johnson.

What is Promoted

Rather than regurgitating and promoting the views, opinions, and talking points that we already agree on, our paid promotional campaigns are usually an effort to bring further awareness to news, data, reports, studies, viewpoints, and legislation we may not have been aware of. To do this, multiple news sources, blogs, political websites, and justice system websites are reviewed regularly.

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