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The commercial bail industry shouldn’t profit off financial desperation

(Source: “The commercial bail industry shouldn’t profit off financial desperation,” ACLU Website) Eric Amparan likes the system the way it is now. As a bail bondsman, he’s part of an industry that pulls in $2 billion in revenue every year. Here’s how it typically works: If you’re booked into jail, you can either sit in […]

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Bail or Jail – National Conference of State Legislatures Report

[Source: “Bail or Jail,” National Conference of State Legislatures, May 2012, by Richard Williams] Lawmakers in more than two dozen states are changing the rules on bail. Most of the people sitting in local jails have not been convicted of a crime. Instead, they’re awaiting trial and can’t afford bail. In fact, 60 percent of […]

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No Bail Money Keeps Poor People Behind Bars

[Facebook Discussion] Punishing the Poor Excessive bail is often cited as a tool to punish the poor, while letting the wealthy go free. The resulting costs of incarceration are high and cost tax payers millions. The excerpt below is from a WNYC News special report released today that explores how excessive bail is causing an incarceration […]

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