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Behind the Shield: Iowa City Community Policing Videos

Promo Video The University of Iowa Student Government is producing a series of videos to help people in the community better know our local law enforcement officers. The videos also include helpful information about public safety issues. Behind the Shield Episode 1 Get to know Brad Schramm a patrol officer for University of Iowa Police […]

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The Relationship between Public Health and Violence Prevention

In this podcast, Howard Spivak discusses the relationship between public health and violence prevention. (Transcript) Excerpt: …I’m going to start with what the benefit of the approach is and then tie it into how it can help law enforcement promote more meaningful and effective prevention. First of all, public health is engaged in this issue of violence […]

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Successful Public Health Approaches

In this podcast, Jonathan Shepard discusses successful public health approaches. (Transcript) Excerpt: “Can you explain how the Cardiff Model is a partnership between medical practitioners and law enforcement and how this works in practice? And also, can you describe what practical benefits it brings compared to the old days when medical and police personal operated […]

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Health and Safety Collaborations

In this podcast, Chief Rocha discusses whether improvements in community health can increase community safety in the city’s most dangerous neighborhoods. (Transcript) Excerpt: “One of the things we realized early on was that we had to present something that was atypical, something that they had not heard of before. That meant forming collaborative, other than […]

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Cross-Sector Collaborations between Public Health and Public Safety

In this podcast, Barbara Raymond discusses promising innovations and cross-sector collaborations between public health and public safety with the goal to improve the overall health and safety of our communities. (Transcript) Excerpt: At the California Endowment we do have a mission that is focused on improving the health of all Californians. About three years ago, […]

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