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20100104tu-gregory-johnson-by-makur-jain-IMG_1164-300x199We’re looking to grow our volunteer-based organization with advisors, content writers, data analysts, artists, journalists, photographers, videographers, graphic designers, and community activists.

Experience. If you’ve always wanted to work in one of the above areas, but don’t have the experience, we’ll provide the training and experience. This is a great way to expand your resume.

Promote Your Cause. We’ll supply the platform, funding, and infrastructure to give your message further reach to an interested audience. Are you concerned about racial disparity? Economic justice? The growing national incarceration crisis? Interested in looking for ways to improve policing? Do you want to give local non-profit organizations a boost? Whatever your interest is, you’ll be an asset to our group. Take a look at the chart below to get a better idea of the diverse issues addressed by a justice center. Not only is this a good way to get your cause, organization, and issues promoted, but your bio page can contain information about your interests, hobbies, crafts, or services you offer independently — with links. We want to create a win-win relationship to reward everyone who volunteers to help.

Goal. The goal is to gather and connect local people with an awareness and concern about justice issues, and facilitate more effective collaboration so we can find and implement solutions that work.

Issues. These are just some of the issues we hope to address and impact in a positive way:

  • reduce excessive delays before trial
  • push for drug law reform
  • promote alternative policing practices
  • promote PSAs to reduce crime
  • holistic approaches to reducing racial disparity at all levels of society

Global Reach. As you can see by the visitor map below, we’re having a global reach with our website, and hundreds of people have connected through our various social networks and email subscription options. So, this is a great platform to raise awareness.

Diverse Viewpoints Welcome. We’d love to have a broad range of interest groups and professions represented including students, law enforcement officers, lawyers, social services providers, professionals, and people who are retired. We’re not just seeking out those who will necessarily agree with the justice center concept. We’re also looking for critics and anti-incarceration movement activists. The goal is not to advance a particular agenda, but instead to raise awareness about local justice issues, engage a broader community dialog, and work collectively toward solutions.

If you’re interested, please use our contact page to get in touch, and please share this with anyone you know who might want to be involved.


Greg Johnson, Volunteer and Facilitator

Justice Center Areas of Service


Our Global Reach

The map below shows recent visits to our website from all over the USA and around the world. The global interest is due to the variety of justice related resources we offer.



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