Juvenile Record Sealing Day


Johnson County, Iowa – On Friday, April 25, the Johnson County Youth Development Policy Board will host the First Annual Juvenile Records Sealing Day at the Johnson County Courthouse from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Members of the community may be eligible to have their juvenile delinquency records sealed if they are 18 years of age or older, two years have passed since having court or informal supervision involvement, and the individual has had no other serious convictions. Records can only be sealed in the county where the charges originated; therefore only charges from Johnson County will be considered for sealing.

In addition to hosting the Sealing Day, the Juvenile Justice Youth Development Policy Board hopes to raise awareness of the public nature of juvenile delinquency records in Iowa. In the vast majority of states in the United States, juvenile delinquency court and law enforcement records for minor offenses are confidential and not public record. In Iowa, these records are public documents.

Increasingly potential employers, colleges, and landlords conduct background checks on applicants, and even a minor offense committed as a juvenile can remove an individual from consideration. Lynette Jacoby, Johnson County Social Services Coordinator, says that most people don’t understand the lack of confidentiality laws surrounding juvenile records.

“Many young adults who are eligible to have their records sealed don’t do so,” Jacoby said. “They may think their juvenile record is confidential or will not impact them in the future. They may not understand the sealing process and believe their record will automatically disappear.

“We want to see all young people lead successful and productive lives. It is unfortunate when minor offenses that occurred during the formative adolescent years have future negative implications for people. Sealing juvenile records is an important step for young adults’ futures. The Sealing Day on April 25 is an opportunity for eligible young adults to move swiftly to have their records sealed,” Jacoby explained.

Applications and procedural information for sealing of juvenile records can be obtained at www.sealingday.com. To participate in Sealing Day on April 25, applicants must submit completed applications to the Johnson County Clerk of Court’s office, Juvenile Division, by Tuesday, April 22. Although walk-ins are welcome the day of the event, there is no guarantee that the sealing process will be completed on the same day. Individuals unable to attend the event may apply at any time; however, they will need to return for a scheduled court date.

For more information about the Juvenile Records Sealing Day visit www.sealingday.com or contract Lynette Jacoby, Johnson County Social Services Coordinator at ljacoby@co.johnson.ia.us, 319-356-6090.


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