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2014 Johnson County Attorney and Supervisor Candidate Awards

Introduction Ten days ago, I offered a preliminary announcement about the 2014 Johnson County Attorney and Supervisor Race Candidate Awards. Since then, I worked on formulating a framework for distributing awards to the various county candidate campaigns. The awards are an effort to broadly support those who run for public office in Johnson County, especially candidates […]

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Unanimous Support for Courthouse Annex from County Candidates

In the video below, both candidates for County Attorney and all four candidates running for County Supervisor speak out in favor of the need for a Courthouse Annex. The video above is an excerpt from the Johnson County Attorney & Supervisor Candidate Forum on Monday May 12, 2014.

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Johnson County Supervisor and Attorney Candidate Awards

  All those who step forward and throw their hat in the ring with a desire to serve our community deserve our support. It’s daunting to be placed in the public eye and open for challenging questions and criticism. Assuming one ‘wins’ an election, the prize is a lot of hard work for not much pay. […]

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U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) Scientific and Research Integrity Policy

The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) has released its Scientific and Research Integrity Policy. The policy is designed to promote and ensure the objectivity and independence of the Department’s scientific endeavors. It lays out principles for maintaining and strengthening a culture of scientific validity and reliability. Below is an excerpt from the 11 page report. […]

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Johnson County Mental Health and Developmental Disability (MH/DD) Jail Alternatives Program Press Release of 12 September 2006

PRESS RELEASE JOHNSON COUNTY MH/DD JAIL ALTERNATIVES PROGRAM MARKS 1-YEAR OF OPERATION 12 September 2006 The Johnson County Board of Supervisors has accepted the first annual report on the County’s MH/DD Jail Alternatives Program and voted unanimously to move the program from pilot to permanent status. Dr. Mindy Lamb, Johnson County’s Mobile Crisis Coordinator, reported […]

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