Johnson County Supervisor and Attorney Candidate Awards



All those who step forward and throw their hat in the ring with a desire to serve our community deserve our support. It’s daunting to be placed in the public eye and open for challenging questions and criticism. Assuming one ‘wins’ an election, the prize is a lot of hard work for not much pay.

So, we’re considering the possibility of giving financially to the various candidates running for the available County Supervisor and County Attorney positions.

Please help us choose what categories should be awarded.

It’s hard to judge someone’s campaign. Everyone works extremely hard, putting in long hours and giving from the heart. Yet, perhaps there are some things we could recognize and reward.

For example, those who have engaged and supported the arts during their campaign could be awarded for that. Other categories might be best use of social media, most endorsements, best graphic design, best food, most letters to the editor, most Facebook likes, etc. These are small accomplishments, yet indicators of each campaigns efforts and creativity. Small amounts could be given for accomplishments in each category. These awards would be paid as donations to each campaign. To qualify, the candidate would need to have a web page with an online donation mechanism.

It’s important not to diminish the importance of the critical and meaningful issues each candidate feels passionate about. That’s what the campaigns are really about, yet it would also be nice to reward people for their efforts.

Fill out the form below and let us know what you think!

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