Featured Comments After the 7 May 2013 Vote

Below are some featured comments that provide post election insights somewhat less likely to be politically motivated since there is no imminent vote in the near future.

  • “[The] real losers are the ones in jail. The ones shipped out to Muscatine, away from their visitors and their attorneys and waiting longer for trial and not getting in-house drug counseling and batterer’s education – because someone’s ideology is more important than their reality. Feel good, ‘progressives?’ At least you really told the cops off.” ~ John Deeth, 8 May 2013 [source]
  • “It’s only logical to have the Courthouse and the Jail in the same complex. I don’t know what the anti-Authority/anti Justice people think they gained. The police are going to continue arresting people at the same rate they are now. The only thing they accomplished is that those arrested will be shipped like cattle to other counties, we will continue to send our tax dollars to these other counties, the courthouse will continue to be too small and crowded and unsafe. Do they really think the police care about any of this? No they don’t! Haven’t they realized that the jail and the courthouse have NOTHING to do with who is and who is not arrested? Nothing to do with racial disparity? The whole “Prison Industrial Complex” argument is idiotic, as the jail does not earn cash/proffit. THERE ARE NO PRIVATE PRISONS IN IOWA! Some voted over the higher tax issue, but most voted because they were anti-law enforcement. Which is just ignorant. They are going to hurt the ones they claimed they wanted to protect – the ‘innocent’ criminals.” ~ El Brad Field, 8 May 2013, Source: Justice Center Facebook Page.

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