Lack of courtroom space is an injustice

[Source: “Lack of courtroom space is an injustice,” Press Citizen, 19 April 2013, by Kevin Kinney]

I am writing this letter in support of the justice center. I work daily with the victims of crimes and see how they are being re-victimized in Johnson County by the lack of courtroom space and the availability of judges to hear their cases.

You’d be surprised how often the victims of these crimes will prepare for trial and then at the last minute be told that the trial has been postponed for weeks or months because of the lack of courtroom space and judges. I have seen how frustrating it is for these victims to have this happen to them, sometimes several times before their cases can be heard.

I am also concerned about what the justice center will cost. I live on and work our family farm. I have looked at how much the taxes would increase on my property. I took the new assessed valuation, took into account the rollback amount for next year and then applied the percentage that my taxes would increase if the bond referendum passes.

The example that I am using is on a bare 75-acre piece of ground with a average CSR rating of 71. My taxes would increase $34 per year (for 20 years) on this property. I would much rather spend these dollars in Johnson County for the new justice center than in one of our neighboring counties for their overflow services.

Kevin Kinney


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