Vote ‘yes’ to ensure justice for all

[Source: “Vote ‘yes’ to ensure justice for all,” Press Citizen, 19 April 2013, by Richard, Buffie and Jessica Tucker]

If you have ever been in the Johnson County Courthouse, for any reason, it is apparent why you should vote “yes” for the new justice center.

We are writing this from the standpoint of two lawyers and a former juror. We’re all residents of Iowa City, and use the current courthouse on a regular basis.

From an attorney’s point of view, we are constantly challenged by the length of time it takes to schedule a trial, the lack of courtroom space and the lack of additional space for private conversations with our clients. There is inadequate technology and equipment for the presentation of evidence, and people with disabilities have problems navigating within the current building.

We also have been in most of the county courthouses around the state and we believe ours is the poorest facility when you take into account courthouse usage and county population.

From a juror’s standpoint, it was appalling to have to sit on the staircase with other prospective jurors while we waited for admittance into the courtroom. There is also no designated waiting area for jurors during trial breaks and the jury deliberation room was very small and poorly ventilated.

Building the new justice center is the best way to ensure justice for all. We are going to vote “yes” and we encourage you to do the same.

Richard, Buffie and Jessica Tucker

Iowa City

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