Justice center is a needed first step

[Source: “Justice center is a needed first step,” Press Citizen, 25 April 2013]

As a retired paramedic, I support the justice center issue. I believe the opinions of officers, lawyers and judges about making the courthouse safer and more accessible for all of us. We spend too much money housing prisoners in surrounding jails. What about the safety of deputies who transport prisoners from our jail to the courthouse, let alone the cost factor? With a new justice center, the prisoners could walk down a hallway to court.

I wonder why anyone listens to the opinions of who are campaigning to vote no. What are their credentials? Do they have a law enforcement background? Have they ever been in the jail or the courthouse? Jail alternatives might have some credence. But let’s build the justice center first and then address that issue.

I am retired now, but I have been in both buildings plenty of times. We need this justice center. When a crime is committed, that person should expect to go to jail. It is our obligation as citizens of Johnson County to provide a place for them.

Please vote yes on this bond issue.

Lori Storm Brooks


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