Satirical Documentary About the War on Drugs to be Released Globally on 26 June 2013: “How to Make Money Selling Drugs”

20130623su-drug-war-documentary-movie-film-how-to-make-money-selling-drugsSummary. “How to Make Money Selling Drugs” is a documentary directed by Matthew Cooke that offers a critical examination of the War on Drugs.

In some respects, the message is a reiteration of what’s already been said about the Drug War, by offering statistics on rising incarceration rates and calling for reforms of drug laws.

The satirical spin is similar to other docutainment films such as Thank You for Smoking and Lord of War.

The movie will no-doubt provide additional fodder for those interested in being critical of law enforcement and government. Yet it will also offer some opportunities to gain new insights into how we can reduce the demand for illegal drugs in our communities, and how we can consider more effective laws and enforcement strategies that produce the long-term positive outcomes we desire (reduced drug use, reduced crime, and reduced violence).

Arianna Huffington has written a comprehensive review of the movie that’s worth reading, “The Most Important Movie of the Summer (Hint: It’s Not Man of Steel)“, Huffington Post, 19 June 2013.

What makes this documentary unique is its examination of the problem at the street level on up through interviews with those on both sides of the war:

“Granted incredible access to street dealers, drug kingpins, DEA agents, politicians, Director Matthew Cooke is able to provide an in-depth look into the struggles of government drug enforcement agencies  to adapt to the ever-changing challenges presented by the drug trade. His film raises compelling questions about public policy and the practicality of the continuing war on drugs.” [Source: TribecaFilm]

Trailer. Below is a trailer for the movie.

Resources. Below are additional resources for learning more about the film.

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