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Election Outcome Commentary by El Brad Field

I seriously do not know what the anti-Authority/anti-Justice people think that they have gained? The police are going to continue arresting people at the same rate they are now. The only thing they accomplished is guarantee that those arrested will be shipped like cattle to other counties. That those working and visiting the courthouse will […]

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New jail for 195 inmates is immediately necessary

[Source: “New jail for 195 inmates is immediately necessary,” Press Citizen, 3 May 2013, by John Whiston, a Clinical Professor at the University of Iowa College of Law.] Every year, my students represent about 100 people charged with indictable misdemeanors. I would be one of the first to say that over-incarceration of non-violent offenders is a real […]

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Need for a new jail has become critical

[Source: “Need for a new jail has become critical,” Press Citizen, 1 May 2013, by Brad Kunkel] I’ve been a deputy at the Johnson County Sheriff’s office since 2001, and worked in the jail for over five years. I can tell you firsthand that the need for a new jail is critical. I can also […]

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Center will improve safety, security

[Source: “Center will improve safety, security,” Press Citizen, 26 April 2013] I’m directing this letter to University of Iowa students; before you cast your vote regarding the justice center, make sure you are basing your decision off of facts and not speculation or hearsay. Despite what you may have heard, the current jail is not […]

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